Our Equipment

Recycling Cyclone Separators of Boyd Production Testing Inc.

Our recycling cyclone separators are designed to operate with 99.99% efficiency removing liquids and solids from an effluent gas stream to 2-3 microns. They are specifically designed for Inline ECF and LGR testing. 

The centripetal flow type Recycling Separator has two effective stages of separation. In the first stage all free liquid and most of the entrained liquid are spun out of the gas by centrifugal force and are collected. In the second stage the small amount of entrained liquid left in the gas is spun out under the influence of greatly increased centrifugal force and is collected by a recycling circuit. The term centripetal flow here denotes gas flow converging towards center, as in a whirlpool.


The liquid chamber in these separators contains baffles for liquid stilling or for isolation of the level control float as needed. The liquid chamber may be oversized (pot belly) to handle very large liquid flow, and may be constructed for gravity separation of two immiscible liquids. These separators are designed for ultra-high efficiency to meet our customer’s needs.